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Partner Strategy

As you will undoubtedly know, the Search Engine algorithm which Google and other search engine use are frequently modified. In an effort to protect the various sites and platform to whom we link, we will modify our link page as required. Our current strategy is to limit our page to 100 backlinks. We have the difficult decision in deciding which 100 partners will be listed. An acceptable strategy would have been to select FILO, or First In Last Out, as a strategy. Unfortunately, this would mean that our partner list would quickly reach a status quo, without any future changes. This strategy is impractical.

We have therefore chosen a dynamic approach and will apply ranking to the sites. We intend to keep the 100 most important sites only. "Important" being defined as the largest industry sites, as they provide the information our viewers are looking for, to be followed by the sites that have the highest search engine rankings. This may mean that an existing link is dropped in the future. If your link has been dropped, we would respectfully suggest that you review what can be done to increase the ranking of your site, so that your site is included in the ranking and another site is removed. Unfortunately, his is the SEO version of "survival of the fittest".

Please note, that we reserve the right to remove a backlink at any time, if we find that the status of a link to our domain has changed. This is especially the case, when we determine that a link has negative impact on our SEO rating - in other words when a link is considered a spammy link. In such instance we accept that a partner will remove our link from their site. In most circumstances we welcome this step, as we prefer that a partner removes a backlink to our site versus us manually disavowing the site in Google Search Console. We consider adding a domain or URL to the Google disavow list a negative step, or a last resort action to protect our SEO rating.


  • we have requested that you remove a link to our site;
  • you have removed a link to our site, as a result of having your link removed;
  • we have added your domain or URL to the Google disavow file;


you are welcome to modify your site and resubmit your link to us for new approval. We will do our best to review the situation in a timely manner, to reestablish the link partnership between the two parties.


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If you have questions, comments or complaints please contact use our contact form or send us an email to info@bgfe.org